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Working for your teacher’s pay

Many people who come abroad every year to Japan or Korea to work as teachers take their new jobs seriously. They Show up early for work to prepare their lessons and work hard to give their students great educational experience.

There are those of course who come abroad expecting their teaching experience to be an extended holiday with pay. They have come to Asia to travel and seek “adventure” and their teaching jobs are merely a means to an end. Working at an eikaiwa, hagown or as an ALT is simply a way to fund their good time abroad.

If you were a school owner, you obviously are making a huge financial investment to bring a foreign teacher to work at your school. The biggest investments are made in Korea where schools pay for a teacher’s airfare, apartment key money and rent as well as their salary. they have paid a lot to have you come over and the very least they expect is a person to act in a professional manner and take their work seriously.

Sadly, each year, “slacker” teacher can give the hard-working ones a bad name.

Check out a video I made on this very topic: