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Teach Asia updates

Things have ben going well lately with Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal.My book about teaching in South Korea and Japan went live a few weeks ago and there has been a great response!

I plan to do some interesting things with this blog in the coming weeks and months. I will of course inform you of news about the book as well as write posts giving teacher tips and lesson ideas. I also plan to do a series where I interview teachers living both in Japan and Korea. I will also talk to educators around the world. I will ask them about their experiences inside and out of classrooms around the world. I will also ask them to share advice with aspiring ESL teachers.

Here is a video I made last year about teaching adults:


Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal (ON SALE NOW)

You can get your copy today! Just download it from the Amazon Kindle Store here! For now it is only an eBook. I am looking into paper versions, but honestly, as a self-published writer, I don’t think I can afford that route for now.

REMEMBER…if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it! Download a free Kindle reader for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device here.

Podcasts on Korea

If you are planning to head to Japan or Korea to teach, you definitely have to spend some time researching. Packing up your life and moving half way across the world shouldn’t be an unplanned endeavour.

Obviously there are so many blogs and websites you can read. there are also many video bloggers You Tube who can help you learn a thing or two about your future home.

Another great way to research is by listening to podcasts. At the moment there are few active podcasts by teachers in Korea or Japan. A few years ago there were more, but as teachers come and go, so do the podcasts.

One great podcast that will help you learn more about South Korea and teaching there is the Qiranger Adventures Podcast by Steve Miller. Go check it out!

Here is a video I made about his podcast:

I of course cannot go without mentioning the Seoul Podcast. This one has been around for several years and takes a look at current news and social topics in Korea.

*NOTE*  I spent almost 8 hours in the past two days doing final proof reads on the book. I should be able to upload it t the Kindle Store early next week and then preview it and make any formatting changes necessary.

Teaching in Asia: Disorganized Schools

When teaching in Asia, there can at times be risks. While many schools are managed well, have decent curriculums and are financially stable, some are anything but that!

This is a video I made about working at a very disorganized school in South Korea. I only worked at the school for one year and soon there after it went out of business. The owner was a very nice man, but certainly not a businessman!

I write about this story in Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal (available soon on the Amazon Kindle Store).

Teaching in Asia videos

As I mentioned in my previous post, the idea for my upcoming book, “Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal” was born from videos I made about teaching on You Tube. During the past 6 years, I have made many videos. Some have had many views by people interested in the topic and others, not so much.

The book should be ready within a few weeks. It will be the perfect start for anyone interested in moving to South Korea or Japan to begin teaching. Whether you are thinking of a career in ESL or just something to do for a year after graduation, it will definitely be helpful. If you are a teacher in the U.S., Canada, NZ, Australia, England, etc., you may find it interesting as well.

The book will have tips for finding work, information about various types of teaching jobs and help for those of you who are about to become teachers, but have never taught before.

I can’t forget the “Tales” portion of the book. Many people who follow me online do so because they enjoy my storytelling videos. There are plenty of stories in “Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal” as well. Some are about teaching and others are simply about life in Asia.

Take a few minutes and watch some of my more recent videos about teaching in Asia: