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As I mentioned in my previous post, the idea for my upcoming book, “Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal” was born from videos I made about teaching on You Tube. During the past 6 years, I have made many videos. Some have had many views by people interested in the topic and others, not so much.

The book should be ready within a few weeks. It will be the perfect start for anyone interested in moving to South Korea or Japan to begin teaching. Whether you are thinking of a career in ESL or just something to do for a year after graduation, it will definitely be helpful. If you are a teacher in the U.S., Canada, NZ, Australia, England, etc., you may find it interesting as well.

The book will have tips for finding work, information about various types of teaching jobs and help for those of you who are about to become teachers, but have never taught before.

I can’t forget the “Tales” portion of the book. Many people who follow me online do so because they enjoy my storytelling videos. There are plenty of stories in “Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal” as well. Some are about teaching and others are simply about life in Asia.

Take a few minutes and watch some of my more recent videos about teaching in Asia:


Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal

In the summer of 2011, I was on a walk during a break at work. It was a gorgeous day and I was lost deep in thought. I was searching around some blogs I follow and discovered that a fellow You Tube video blogger I knew had self-published a book. My curiosity was peaked and I did a little research into self publishing eBooks. The process didn’t seem entirely frightening and I thought about publishing something myself.

As a trained teacher who has taught in South Korea, Canada and Japan, I have a lot of knowledge to share with people who are interested in becoming teachers.

I’ve been blogging and video blogging about my experiences as a teacher since 2006. Over the past 7 years I have literally received thousands of comments and questions about teaching. I have tried my best to answer some of those questions in the forms of blogs and video blogs, but really need a longer format to answer them more completely. I decided to write a book about the topic.

How do I get a job teaching in Asia?

What is it like to teach in Asia?

What are some of the experiences people have while teaching in South Korea or Japan?


Teaching in Asia: Tales and the Real Deal

The current "working cover" for my upcoming eBook.

My upcoming eBook is a mix of practical “how to” information for those interested in teaching in Japan or South Korea. It also contains stories that act as both cautionary and inspirational tales about teaching and living in Asia.

Expect this fun and practical read to be available on the Amazon Kindle store in Spring 2012!